Sebum Reduktion

Sebum Reduktion
Butylene Glycol
Hydrolyzed Rhodophyceae Extract
Pentylene Glycol (nat.)
For greasy skin

Oily or impure skin is caused by excessive production of sebum (sebum). As a result, free fatty acids accumulate on the skin surface, which both irritate the skin and change the physiological pH.

For oily and impure skin, products that reduce excess sebum production are particularly suitable. In addition, the care products should balance the fat-moisture content of the skin. If the products dry out the skin too much, the opposite effect can occur if the sebum production is stimulated again.

The macroalgae algae extract contained in the DR. M. SEBUM REDUKTION has been proven to reduce sebum production in the skin. It is therefore an ideal active ingredient for the treatment of oily and oily skin. Especially in combination with an individualized DR. M. PHYTOPLASMACREME the skin functions can be normalized again.


Apply to greasy and oily skin several times a day. Also ideal in combination with DR. M. POREFINE AKNE.