Vitamin C10%

Vitamin C10%
Propylene Glycol (nat.)
Ascorbic Acid
Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Extract
Cell protection and wrinkle reduction

Vitamin C supports the skin with essential functions and contributes to healthy, beautiful skin in various ways. In addition to its effect as an antioxidant, vitamin C is significantly involved in the formation of collagen. Vitamin C ensures smooth skin with fewer wrinkles and less red spots caused by impurities.

Vitamin C makes free radicals harmless and can stop premature skin aging. Vitamin C is the best known antioxidant and the effects in skin care products have been scientifically proven.

DR. M. VITAMIN C10% contains a combination of 10% high-purity ascorbic acid and OPC from grape seeds, stabilized in vegetable propanediol. This makes it a particularly powerful antioxidant with pronounced protection of the skin and a preventive effect against skin aging.


DR. M. VITAMIN C10% is suitable for all skin types and can also be used several times a day. Also ideal in combination with a DR. M. PHYTOPLASMACREME tailored to the skin type.