Phytoplasma Creme

Membrane structure cream - an imitation of the human skin protection barrier

Individually adapted to the skin type, they offer the ultimate protection against premature skin aging and immediately visibly beautify the complexion. The Phytoplasacreme recommended by dermatologists already harmonizes with the skin when applied. It penetrates quickly and smoothly and is pleasantly nourishing for hours..


Our patent-pending technology turns microscopic layers into small layers (membrane structures) generated in the cream, which is the natural skin protection barrier correspond. This normalizes sensitive and disturbed skin conditions and the natural skin protection barrier is rebuilt. For the connection of oil and water emulsifiers are no longer required, resulting in a so-called wash out effect is omitted. Even more, the most effective and valuable can be individually embedded anti-aging ingredients are up to ten times more effective than in conventional creams.


Contains only high-purity natural substances, all oils, mostly cold-pressed, come from controlled organic cultivation. The Phytoplasmacreme contains no emulsifiers, no preservatives, no silicones and no parabens.


Produce the Phytoplasma Creme on site in a transparent and personalized way with the help of the Dr. M. Bauty Bar.

Dr. M. Beauty Bar

Dr. M. Beauty Bar

The transparent cream manufactory.

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Elements for Beauty

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