Personalized anti-aging

Individualized - highly active - natural - freshly made on site

Every skin is unique and has its own care needs. Our phytoplasmic creams open up a new dimension of individualized skin care tailored to the skin type. Because the phytoplasmic creams are made from purely vegetable ingredients and are laminar built up - like human skin fat. The embedded active ingredients are optimally stored in the skin and can thus have a stronger effect.


Doctor M.

Our history

Innovation driver in dermatological research and cosmetics

Bernd Kuhs follows the teachings of bionics, which deal with the research of functional and working methods of nature and their technical implementation. It all started on Saint-Barthélemy, a small island in the Caribbean. Here, the German chemist built in the middle of the 1990s his laboratory for the development of dermatological preparations. Obsessed with the idea of creating a cream that corresponds to the laminar structure of human skin fat, he is the inventor of the membrane structure cream, which for decades has been the basis worldwide of high quality creams suitable for allergy sufferers in pharmacy, dermatology and cosmetics.

The result of consistent further development is now the phytoplasm procedure, a new milestone in dermatological research, the care of disrupted skin conditions and the prevention of premature aging of the skin. Products are now available to dermatological and cosmetic practices that are completely free of allergens and can normalize and strengthen the natural skin protection barrier again.

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Membrane structure cream: an imitation of the human skin protection barrier

Using a patent-pending process, the natural active ingredients are broken down under the influence of ultrasound and form a laminar structure, the structure of which corresponds to the natural skin protection barrier. No more emulsifiers are required to combine oil and water, which prevents a so-called wash-out effect. Even more, the most effective and valuable individually embedded anti-aging ingredients can have an effect that is up to ten times stronger than in conventional creams.

The Dr. M. creams contain no chemical emulsifiers, preservatives, mineral oils, silicones or colorants. They are a new, proven, more effective form of skin creams.

The personalized Phytoplasmacreme

Phytoplasmacreme - single jar

The Dr. M. Beauty Bar

The centerpiece - the transparent cream manufactory

With the Dr. M. Beauty Bar we provide skin specialists with a system that enables them to produce a phytoplasmic cream that meets the needs of their customers directly and on site. The carefully selected ingredients are mixed on site. In the phytoplasma device, the liquid ingredients are transformed under the influence of ultrasound into a Phytoplasmacreme with a unique texture. The ingredients and their amount, which are introduced into the cream, are understandable and visible.

The transparent cream manufactory

Dr M. Beauty Bar

Elements for Beauty

Professional active ingredient cosmetics

The Elements for Beauty are tailored to the Phytoplasmacreme and complement the entire care concept. The Dr. M. Active ampoules contain particularly pure active ingredients in a highly concentrated form. No preservatives or other chemical substances are added. By one of Dr. In patent-pending processes, the active substances are bound to so-called membrane lipids, which spontaneously form membrane structures or skin-like liposomes on the skin. As a result, the active ingredients can couple much better to the skin cells and release their effects over a longer period of time. All ampoules are also ideally suited for mesotherapy, such as needling and ultrasound treatment.

Elements for Beauty

Elements for Beauty